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Cabinet Vision is not guaranteed to work on Windows Home edition. Windows 10 PRO is recommended for full functionality. Note, we have bee able to get CV to install on a windows 10 PC, but installation can be a bit buggy as Windows 10 Home is not fully supported.

Problem: SQL server error. This error can happen during installation of the program (commonly on Windows Home editions), it will continue to be displayed as you try to install the program, rendering it unsuccessful.

Option #1 Uninstall the program, then reinstall the program but before double clicking on the downloaded installer program, right click on it and "run as administrator". The SQL error is likely an issue with your computers firewall being active. Allowing it to install with administrator privileges will ensure all parts of the program install correctly. Example:

Option #2 Turn off your firewall. Turn off any firewall you may have, this includes any virus protection programs and windows firewall. *Turn them back on when you are done installing